How to Ease Anxiety by Being MINDFU‪L‬

Anytime you are going through a rough chapter in life, chances are you are feeling on edge and may be doing battle with anxiety.

For some, anxiety can actually become a way of life with or without a major challenge.

Author and Ted-X speaker J.A. Plosker says he has been dealing with anxiety for as long as he can remember. And then one day he learned a valuable tool that helped him so much, he has now dedicated his life to sharing it with others.

What is that tool? It’s mindfulness and now this mindfulness coach will share with us the basics of what it is, and how we can use it to graduate from the pain of our grief.

J. A. Plosker is a mindfulness and self-discovery coach who began his mindfulness journey with a simple technique taught to him after a chance encounter with a person who would become his teacher of over 20 years. That practice helped him overcome overwhelming anxiety, and changed his life. Now, he is a teacher and speaker on the power of ancient wisdom and mindfulness in everyday life. He has been on many stages, including TEDx, and is the multi-award-winning author of two books in the personal growth and mindfulness space: The Nobody Bible: Uncovering the Simple Wisdom in Ordinary Life and the novel, An Audible Silence. A former practicing licensed master social worker and instructor of comparative religion, philosophy, and social work, J. A. has a passion for helping others on their journeys of discovery and growth.

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