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Hi I’m Sherrie Dunlevy your #Inspirationista.

I’m also a #1 best selling author, speaker, podcast host and business owner.

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Your Go-to Guide for Helping Loved Ones Through Life's Difficulties

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Sherrie’s talks, workshops, retreats, and her Graduating Grief podcast episodes are designed to:

Uplift and Encourage those feeling broken, discouraged, and complacent about their life

Lead to a shift in mindset to focus on what’s working, instead of what’s not

Inspire everyone to step up to the challenge of becoming who they were created to be

Instill the belief that it IS possible to LOVE life and ENJOY living your life!

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I know all this works, because I am living proof!!

Sherrie Dunlevy

Sherrie Dunlevy

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Sherrie Dunlevy Can Help

Using her skills as a former TV news anchor, Sherrie interviewed people who have suffered losses of all kinds and compiled their stories and their tips into one resource.

I’m Struggling Too
I’m Struggling Too

As I was in the midst of my morning reflections and prayers I noticed that not only were there a lot of people on my list whom I was praying for, but that the vast majority of them are struggling with some very heavy challenges…


I’m truly excited to share a new endeavor with you. After 24 years, I have decided to return to the TV screen to produce and host a show that is geared to people 65 + and those who love them.  It’s called “For Mature Audiences”…