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If you are looking for a memorable and powerful presentation, in person or virtually you’ve come to the right place.
As an #Inspirationista Sherrie Dunlevy is dedicated to shining a light on hope, healing, love and JOY after loss.
“I help grieving women step back into living after loss, says Sherrie, whether it is due to death, divorce, illness or their nest is now empty.”
Many women long to get back to living but might feel they lost their way, feeling stuck or maybe even guilty.
Despite what has happened in your life, or your current circumstances, you will decide whether you are going to be a victim, or if you are going to claim victory.

Sherrie’s talks, workshops, retreats, and her Graduating Grief podcast episodes are designed to:
*Uplift and Encourage those feeling broken, discouraged, and complacent about their life
* Lead to a shift in mindset to focus on what’s working, instead of what’s not
*Inspire everyone to step up to the challenge of becoming who they were created to be
*Instill the belief that it IS possible to LOVE life and ENJOY living your life!

As an Author, Sherrie has created a resource EVERY living person NEEDS, and one that EVERY grieving person wishes their friends would read.
If you are a person who doesn’t know what to do or say when someone you know or work with is dealing with a difficult chapter in life like a death, divorce or diagnosis, you NEED to learn.
Because not dealing with it, or dealing with it poorly can cost you or you company a lot of money, and destroy relationships personally and professionally.
Sherrie Dunlevy’s #1 best selling book, “How Can I Help?” is filled with tips and suggestions of things you can do and say to grieving people that let them know you care.
She’s also designed workshops to help you, your staff, faculty, board members or volunteers feel comfortable addressing some of the most uncomfortable situations at home, work or school, and take compassionate action.

Sherrie’s workshops teach skills to help you:
-Communicate in ways that show you care
-Offer support in ways that really help
-Avoid uncomfortable phrases and actions that could be hurtful
-Evaluate and determine if intervention is needed
-Support someone during the first year of their grief journey

Some of Sherrie’s most popular topics include:
-Step Out of Your Stories and into Your Greatness
-Did She Just Say the F-Word?
-How Can I Help?
-EnVision Success
-Design a Life You LOVE Again
-The Transformative Power of I AM

” I received many texts saying “THE BEST TRAINING EVER”, “I really enjoyed myself today” and “What will she talk about next time?” -Lorraine H.
“When you bring Sherrie to your conference or team meeting, you’ll not just get a top notch speaker. You’ll also gain a friend you can call on for the future- Steve S.
“ Leaders experienced a moving, dynamic, and engaging speaker. She incorporated rich content via narrative, lecture, reflection, interaction, discussion, and hands-on activities Evaluations summed up the program as fun, inspirational, motivational, and educational!- Kathie P
“When you bring Sherrie to your conference or team meeting, you’ll not just get a top notch speaker. You’ll also gain a friend you can call on for the future- Steve S.

“My greatest JOY is inspiring others to be courageous enough to step out of their fears into greatness.
Areas of interest: Schools, Hospitals, Non-Profits, Women’s Organizations, Corporate Professional/ Personal l Development, Churches, Grief Communities
“Every life can make a difference and make an impact. How can I help you make yours?” -Sherrie Dunlevy

Step out of that Story and Step into your Greatness!!
“I used to get paid to write stories every day of my life!”, says Sherrie. “As a former TV news anchor, I wrote and told stories for a living, but it was the stories that I told myself that made the biggest impact on my life. And most of those stories held me back from living my best life.”
​If you have ever said or thought:
“I’m not good enough.”
“I’m too old.”
“I don’t have the experience.”
“I’m too fat.”
“I don’t have the money.”
“I’m too out of shape.”
“I’m too sick.”
“Who do you think YOU are?”
Then you too are a “Master Storyteller” and it’s time to
Step out of those stories and Step into your greatness!
Join Sherrie as she shares experiences in her life where her stories (excuses) held her back and how by changing her story, she was able to change her life for the better. Sherrie shares the steps she used to transform her life, which she believes can help anyone live a life of purpose, passion, meaning and impact.

Did She just say the F-word?
The dreaded F-word is not what most people think it is, it’s FEAR!
Fear of failure
Fear of embarrassment
Fear of success
Fear of rejection
Fear keeps us from living our best life and it robs us of our dreams, happiness, and success! Fear leads to a life full of no’s when we should be saying YES to many of life’s opportunities and experiences. In this talk, Sherrie shares with the audience how saying YES to life has lead to some of her greatest adventures and successes to date.