Don’t Fight the Funk

Awe man, have you ever had one of those days when you just felt like you were in a funk?

I know I have.

In fact last week I lived in a funk for days!

So many things were really stressing me out and I was feeling lost, lonely, overwhelmed and really down.

It wasn’t because of one thing, it seemed to be about a lot of little things all stacking up.

Sometimes the funk hits for a reason, or many reasons.

And sometimes it hits for no reason at all.

This is common in life. because it IS life!

Listen, there is no one who is more hope filled and positive than me, and yet, I have to be real about it. NO ONE and I mean not one single person has lived their entire life without having a bad day, string of days or a difficult chapter in life.

Did you hear that?


That being said, LIVING in a funk is no way to live.

So why is it many people not only allow this funk to bully them, it’s like they invite inside their home for weeks, months or even a lifetime and allow it to call the shots of doom and gloom and despair.

I think it all comes down to choice.

And its a choice only we can make.

Are we going to believe in the funk and try to fight it until we are too exhausted to care anymore?

Or are we going to accept it for the bully that it is and let it move through and away from us?

Here’s a short video (less than a minute) I recorded on YouTube that has some tidbits that might help you the next time a funk comes to visit.

Remember, a bad day isn’t a bad life. Even a bad week isn’t a bad life.

It’s just life.

And if keep reminding ourselves that the sun is always shining above even the darkest clouds, we keep the hope of brighter days to come alive.

Sun Coming Out from Dark Cloud

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