I’m truly excited to share a new endeavor with you. After 24 years, I have decided to return to the TV screen to produce and host a show that is geared to people 65 + and those who love them.

 It’s called “For Mature Audiences” and it is intended to provide:

-INFORMATION on programs, events, and  opportunities for those 65 and older

-EDUCATION on issues and topics that concern those who are members of our senior community


INSPIRATION through a segment we call Aging Awesomely where we will meet Seniors who are living lives filled with purpose, passion and JOY and not letting age define them.

WHY a show for Senior Citizens?

For the past 9 months I have been working closely with members of various Senior Adult Coalitions in various counties in the Ohio Valley as part of my marketing position for IC Care. We work together to help make sure those in our elder community are being cared for properly and have their basic human needs met. We also are trying to find ways to keep them engaged, active and enjoying life. But one of the things we have found challenging is finding a way to get information to the masses.

TV is a great way to reach the masses, and because so many of our seniors are homebound, I thought producing a show just for them, might be a great way to get important information to them, and encourage them to take part in all the many events that are planned each and every month.

I immediately called a former work colleague and friend, Theresa Gretchen who works at West Liberty University and ran the idea by her, and she then ran the idea by the University president who gave us the ok.

I then got the blessing from my incredible boss, Stephanie Sauvageot, owner of IC Care, and invited my colleague and former TV anchor Tate Blanchard to help me co-host the show.

WARNING! The information and interviews shared may be found to be quite useful!


It’s a catchy title for sure, but the subject matter is what is most important. As someone who deals with families who are in need of help for their beloved family members, many have no idea what kind of services are available or how to find them. Most have no idea of where to begin.

That’s why we are dedicated to providing information that can help not just those in their golden years, but information that can help the entire family.

Debut Episode

In our first episode Tate Blanchard from IC Care talks about the benefits an in-home companion can offer those having difficulty living alone as they age.

He also talks about the difference between in-home care and in-home health care as these are not interchangeable terms and are in fact two separate services.

Finally he talks about questions people should be asking agencies before hiring an in-home caregiver to make sure you have the important information you need before hiring someone to keep your loved one safe and sound as they age in place.

Ann Koegler of Altenheim Resource Services explains when and where individuals and families should start when looking for services for seniors.

She also talks about how to get the often difficult discussion started with our elder family members and offers great advice for those looking to age in place, downsize or relocate in their senior years.

And in our ‘Aging Awesomely” segment, we will introduce you to a woman who is defying aging, by defying gravity. She is a fitness enthusiast and accomplished runner and rock climber.

She is certainly someone who will leave you not just inspired but in awe of her accomplishments.

For Mature Audiences will be aired daily at 6 am, 10 am, and 8 pm on WLU-TV 14 on Comcast in the northern panhandle counties of West Virginia.

If you have a topic that would benefit members of the senior community or know of someone who would truly inspire our audience, please reach out to me at

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