Tapestry Network

Step out of your stories so you can step into your GREATNESS. This is the talk I presented this month for the ladies of The Tapestry Network.

The Tapestry Network is a Christian women’s business networking organization that refers to itself as a “businesstry”, as it supports the calling of a woman’s  purpose in business through a Christ-centered approach.

While there are chapters that meet in person throughout the United States, there is a virtual chapter that meets for anyone in the world. I have had the privilege of speaking to the members of the Solano County, California group last year. This year, I had the opportunity to speak with those members of the global virtual chapter.

There are so many unique things these women do that allow you to feel seen, heard and supported.

One of those is the sister check in. After the opening prayer, Founder Stephanie Sherwood checked in with each member attending and asked them to share what is on their heart. It was so encouraging to listen to what each woman brought to the meeting. Some of the remarks were about business, while others were just short thoughts or updates going on in their lives.

When it came time to talk about their businesses, there was a bit of a twist. We were asked to share what was unique about our business, talk about a recent win in business or life and then finish but completing the statement “I AM_______”

This was a great way to present your business and a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our wins, because as women, we never seem to make the time to do that in real life.  We just move on to the next project on the list. 

But the most powerful part of this was completing the “I AM” statement. Women were asked to to complete the assignment by choosing a descriptive word after the phrase “I AM”.

I am abundant, confident, loved, blessed, empowered, bold. All strong statements. All statements that may feel uncomfortable for us to proclaim. I shared “I am INSPIRED” because I hope my words would inspire the audience and because I work daily to live  in spirit.

After my talk, the women were then asked to share one take away they got from my presentation, which I must admit was much appreciated by me, because as an inspirational speaker you always wonder if what you shared did indeed, inspire your audience.

 Asking women to contribute to the topic was a great way to gauge what stuck in their minds and hearts and what they might carry with them after the meeting.

What I carried away with me, was a wonderful experience in connecting with women of faith of seem to genuinely, love, care about and support one another personally as well as they grow professionally.

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