THE Legal Document EVERY Adult Should have During this Pandemic

Last week a work colleague lost her 41 year old husband to the virus. He was in perfect health.

Then I got word that a cousin in his 20’s contracted COVID-19.

And then it hit me, this isn’t just about the elderly and immune compromised. Perfectly healthy people of all ages are not only contracting this virus, but dying from this virus.

And worse yet, they are dying alone while their family members suffer, wondering what those last moments were like, feeling completely helpless in the last decisions of their loved one’s life ,and feeling perfectly unprepared for what has just happened.

That’s what prompted to me to seek advise from my friend, Attorney Anthony Edmonds. We decided to record our conversation, so that everyone could listen. We talk about steps all of us can take RIGHT NOW. Because being prepared brings great peace of mind at a time we need it most!

If you have questions for Anthony, you can contact him at 740-232-9608

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