Helping a Friend with Depression

Sometimes it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it that makes the difference.

Do you have a friend who suffers from depression? Chances are you do. In fact, you might not even know it. That’s because many who have this debilitating disease suffer in silence and put on a good front. That’s because they want it that way.

But what happens when you discover this about a friend and fear it could lead to suicide?

How can you help? Can you help?

Here’s what a friend shared with me as she shared her journey. And what I learned was so shocking, yet so incredible I just had to share. I hope after listening, you will share it too.

Sherrie Dunlevy is an inspirational speaker and author of the best selling book,

“How Can I Help?-Your Go-to Guide for Helping Loved Ones through Life’s Difficulties”

For a signed copy or to book Sherrie for your next conference, event or workshop go to or contact her at

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