Stress vs. Faith

“Stress makes you believe everything has to happen right now. Faith reassures you that everything will happen in God’s timing”- Inspirational Quote.

For the past few years as I have been scrolling through Facebook, there have been inspirational quotes that have “stopped the scroll” long enough to speak to me in some profound way. These little life lesson’s have changed my perspective about life in many ways, and I have shared them in numerous posts. Now I am collecting them, learning from them, and sharing that lesson with the world in a group I created called ALL THINGS AWESOME. I guess, you could say, these quotes are how the Inspirationista was born.

So many times in life we feel stress because things are not happening in the timing we had planned. It doesn’t matter if it is a fitness goal, a career goal, a marriage of family goal. We tend to want what we want, when we want it. And when it doesn’t happen, we feel extreme stress.

That is why this quote is so important.

Let me give you an example, I have been wanting to visit Italy for years, and kept saying someday I will travel to Italy. Last year I made the bold statement to turn “someday” into reality by placing Italy front and center on my Vision Board in 2020.

I declared 2020 will be the year I travel to Italy.

Except now, as I am trying to plan the trip, the timing is not working out.

Every time I think I have a date, something else pops up to let me know, I can’t travel at that time. I am now running out of dates and it is STRESSING me out!

But, this quote is right!

I believe and have faith that I will visit Italy, and it will be when it is supposed to be, in God’s perfect timing. When I sit back and take my timing out of the equation, the stress disappears.

God’s timing is the perfect timing. God’s way is the perfect way. My job is to set the intention, believe that it will happen, work towards it happening and let God figure out how and the when. When I let go and let God, the stress just melts away.

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    Stress vs Faith Feb/2020

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    Stress vs Faith Feb/2020 I needed this inspiration today.

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